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country's orphans. >> baltimore is bracing for snow. how they're pressing to keep the roads safe. >> a man dies from hypothermia. first tonight, it's the calm before the storm. we've got more snow on the way. >> we're getting used to it. how bad will this storm be. we have a look at your first forecast, break it dunn for us -- down for us. >> we'll see winter weather, so the timing will be similar. right now we're all clear. maryland's most powerful radar scanning clear. cecil, harford, north baltimore, carroll. it means are a not going to get the two to four inch rain, one to three and closer to one as you push toward easten. here's the storm. you can see tremendous moisture. that's out of the gulf of
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mexico. cold air wrapping around the back site. 30 -- 30s tonight. we'll talk about how much falls where in the state. that's coming up. an update on breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. there is a new development in the phylicia barnes murder case. prosecutors are requesting the courtroom be closed for part of the trial because of a sexually explicit videotape. >> reporter: we spoke to the defense team for michael maurice johnson who said they need to respond to that hearing submitted by the state. the baltimore state's attorney's office wants to show a video that shows phylicia barnes having sex with the defendant's younger brother alongside the sister who is engaged in sexual relations with john covent the defense wanted to keep the tape out of the courtroom for
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sensitivity for the family but says now it will be used to their advantage. attorneys say it shows barnes and johnson are friendly, which is a different light that was presented in johnson's bail review. we don't know how they believe the tape will support their case against john son. the state wants to close the courtroom when the tape is played but the defense will argue it should romaine hope because that is michael johnson's constitutional right. the trial date is still scheduled for january 22nd this issue will have to be ironed out before then. we'll have are on and abc2 news at 11 as the attorneys speak to us about their defense. cheryl conner, abc2 news. >> baltimore is bracing for a
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snowstorm. more than 2700 people are getting ready for tomorrow's big storm. they were clearing drains and checking equipment. many plow drivers will go on the clock right at midnight tonight. >> one step ahead of mother nature. crews are out. this is a proactive strategy to put a salt brine down. it gives our crews more time. >> drivers can prepare themselves by getting their own vehicles ready. check the fluids and your wiper blades right now. abc2 will be with you bringing you the latest updates on the storm. tune. mike masco will be tracking the weather. lauren cook will keep you updated on roads. even when we're not on the air, maryland's most accurate
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forecast is available online. click on the weather tap at the top of the page. that's where you'll find the latest updates. you'll have the full forecast with you at all times on your mobile device. the cold weather has already claimed one life in maryland. state health officials said a man died from hypothermia. he died sometime between deals 18th and the 24th. hypothermia occurred most often in the elderly or young kids. dressing plop perly can help to keep hypothermia away. >> if you wear too much clothing and you begin to sweat, you become, then wet and the cold increases in a wet environment. so what you should wear should
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be multilayered light clothing that keeps you comfortable but not hot. >> if you believe someone is suffering from hypothermia, get them indoor and place warm towels to help reheat their body. >> russian prime minister vladimir putin sign lad law today banning americans from adopting russian clish, a law some in maryland say it's heartbreaking and punishes nobody but the child. brian kuebler set down with one president. >> you may have heard of her, confined to a wheelchair because of spina bifida. she won three gold medals and a bronze in this year's paralympic games. she would never have reached that if not adopted by her mother debra. >> she decide not have a wheelchair. she crawled on the floor. her feet had atrophied behind
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her. she was very anemic. >> but being part of the family, she grew into the family both physically and socially. this is her at the russian orphanage, serving as an inspiration for the children and staff there. this is her trying to deliver a petition at the embassy, begging president putin not to sign the law which he did today, destroying the opportunity she had with an american family. her story powerful enough for inbound but the russian president. >> president putin has just nailed the lid in the coffin. shame on him. shame on him for saying here's an ultimatum. i'm angry at u.s. for something else. let's use the children as pawns. >> mcfadden should know.
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she studied in moscow, ran her on adoption ascreen si for 20 years and her nieces and nephews were arrested two. the fraternal twins were premature. at age 16 both now americanized but have a unique understanding of this new law in their native russia. >> they seem very upset. i don't know where i would be if i wasn't adoesn't. the kids in the orphanages don't have many more chances of a life they can love. >> reporter: or a family to be part of. it's estimated there are 750, 000, orphans in russia, many no may not know a life fulfilled. >> i'm devastated for the families but for the children. they will grow up in an orphanage and will not know the
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love of family. >> reporter: currently there are 46 russian children already approved to be adopted by american families. debra and other organizations are asking our state department to put pressure or beg russia to let those 46 children come to america but with president putten signing the law this morning, there is not much hope for that or any other future children to be adopted by american families. in clarksville, reporting for abc2 news. there were two shootings today. the first happened near clifton park. police say pan 18-year-old male was shot in the leg. they are still investigating. >> shots were fired around 2:00 in the 234500 block of wood -- 2500 block of wood brook avenue. one man was shot in the chest, the other in the rear. we're waiting to hear more on
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their conditions. now an update on that deadly christmas eve crash. maryland state police have identified three people killed in that three-char crash. they died at the scene. a 72-year-old later died at the hospital. the crash remains under investigation. a car skidded and was hit by two pickup trucks. police have not identified the driver of the car that lost control. the port of baltimore will continue its regular operation. a long shoreman strike had been averted at least for now. a deal was made to extend the deadline for another 30 days. during that time both sides will work to negotiate a long-term contract before today's deal. long shoremen were prepared to go on strike on sunday. if you're planning on tackling a home repair project,
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i've got plenty this weekend. put down that circular saw. we're telling you what now need to know. >> if you're in an exercise rut, there is a solution. we'll introduce you to a fitness trend.
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a lot of you plan to get better. exercise routines can become no not us in. some are learning a few new tricks. >> reporter: bored with traditional gyms, she decided to
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take her workouts to new heights, literally. >> it's challenging and full of fun. >> reporter: circuit arts works your core, upper and lower body muscles. >> people learn how to do tricks on the trap peeps and -- trapeze. >> reporter: she created this class. >> the fitness also helps strengthen the upper body when doing the trapeze work and the core when doing tight rope walking. >> when you complete a trick you've been working on, it's an awesome feeling. you want to keep on going. >> reporter: par ties pant say it's a workout for your mind, body and soul.
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tackling a do it yourself project may be a good way to save money. but angie's list sometimes says a diy is a disaster waiting to happen. >> reporter: while the project may match your budget, it may be a problem. he had a run-in with the nail gun eye was using it over my head. i should have had two hands. i recoiled, it dropped down and hit me in my hand. i had to go to the er. >> reporter: trying to save money on projects could cost you in medical bills. >> ask yourself if you know what you're doing. do you have the time and the right tools. >> reporter: diy projects may take more experience and more
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time. >> first, be prepared for the unexpected. things come up in the middle of projects. think about how you're going to handle having the work done and be sure you know when you need to throw in the towel and call an expert. when it comes to diy, they should avoid plumbing, electrical and things on the roof. you could burn your house down. plumbing could lead to flooding and we hear too many stories have you people falling off ladders. >> reporter: start small trying to hang a picture frame or shelf but leave the major work to the pros. >> i still use the nail gun but i'm more cautious and use two hands. all right.
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changing weather on tap. it's a clear night now but take a look at our 3d view. here's our winter weather maker putting down big precipitation along the deep south. 36 now at bwi. dry conditions. the wind is calm. got a nice friday night. no weather concerns for the evening, but that will be changing. more detail on that. first, show you some beautiful pictures from st. vincent pilates in laurel. we're watching in manchester, a little bit of snow in spots. there will be more added tomorrow. how about where the snow is really down. good skiing at deep creek lake. they'll get a half have foo. winter weather advisory for all of western maryland, all of the northern tier over to cecil, harford, car rl and howard.
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doesn't monte areas won't get snow tomorrow -- mean the areas won't get snow tomorrow. you will. right now temperatures are in the low 30s, close to freezing. they're going to cz to -- continue to be chilly, maybe getting a degree or two tomorrow afternoon. the clouds that are edging in are the beginning of that storm system. give you the timing first. 6 a.m. snow knocking on the door. looks liked rain snow line is critical. it playings us forecasters. look south of the state first thing in the morning. that's the coldest part of the day. it will edge further north. areas that start out as snow, cambridge, easton, southern maryland and shady side, you'll see mixing by midday. baltimore we stay snow. looks like i-95 may get a brief
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changeover from 2:00. the well thing blows out and we're left with clear and cold conditions where we'll see refreezing. let's talk temperatures and we'll give you the snow totals. you seed cold air building in, a colder system. so the rain snow line will be further south. tomorrow we struggle to get to the freezing mark in baltimore. it will be snow for most of us watching. if you're from annapolis south, kent island, points further south you'll see a changeover more rapidly. snow on the back side of the storm. winds pick up, an ugly looking saturday, very winter. as the storm blows out, a secondary low pressure will keep things breezy on sunday and cold but high pressure comes back in and keeps us dry. bottom line is this. it's tough to say precisely but this is our range.
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points at least north and west of salisbury up to kent island. we think a lot of rain will be mixing in. one to two inch totals just south of the advisory area. two to three inch totals, columbia, western howard county up through northern baltimore, and northern harford and four earn plus totals along the state line. this could bend into extreme northern baltimore and harford county but i think mainly north and west. overnight tonight 30, mostly cloudy, snow showers by dawn. snow for most of us in the morning. the changeover moving up the bay, 37. tomorrow night 27 as the winter showers taper off. we got the sun back for part of sunday but a breezy day. if going to the redskins game this will be cold. the setup for new year's eve, dry conditions for all the
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festivities. we're looking good through the champagne toast at midnight. as we go into new year's day, we could see another weak disturbance, another wintry mix for the first day of 2013. >> wyatt's got to earn his paycheck with all these storms. >> we'll see in that stops. >> thanks, wyatt. well, we've all done it before, made a resolution for the new year only to abandon it in january. resolution can be hard to keep but they don't have to be. the key is to pick something reasonable. for example, choose a goal of exercising a little more in 2013. don't vow to run a marathon or something crazy. if the change is too uncomfortable, you'll have a lower chance of success. >> we've got to select something that's small enough to make a difference but not so big it's going to crush us. we have to become dedicated and
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have a willingness to experience discomfort. when we change habits, it's always uncomfortable. >> if you're trying to improve your diet in 2013, experts say you should start small. >> coming up, tonight's episode will be omazing. >> find out how to stay in shape at 7:00 on the list. >> here's what's coming up tonight on abc2.
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change weather tonight. as we work into the overnight hours, this is what's coming our way and looking at a couple inches. it will be a messy saturday morning. by the time they salt the roads, we're look okay. >> one of those storm that is' sneaky, got hidden things going on. >> that's this. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back at 11.
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in the meantime, have a great night.
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